About us


We are young so we don’t fear, we are explorers, artists, techies, dreamers, lovers and yet mortals. We love the new and we challenge the status-quo on a daily basis. With our “super powers” Art, Science and Technology, we create expressions, expressions that are simple, best in quality and beautiful. Something we would love to wear every day, something which constantly tends towards perfection, and something that extends more than us and makes us all immortals.


We love design, so we do it! The honest surprise in eyes when they see something designed beautifully is the reason we do it. We would love to see this surprise in everyone’s eyes. This is what makes us happy. We would love to design something for everyone – Universal Design!


We are starting with Tee Shirts for now. Soon we will explore more ways to create beautiful expressions by design expressions which you can carry around and expressions which help you communicate to the world.

Registered Address 

25A Pallivasal Street
Ramazan Thaikal, Udaiyur Kudi-Kattumannarkoil
Tamilnadu - 608301

Prominence Import and Exports

Business Address

2B, 2nd Floor, Raag Durbar,
52 A, Sterling Road,
Chennai - 34