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Meet our Tech God

This is Anish, We didn't talk much about him on our previous blogs because he deserves a separate post for himself. He is 19, doing his second year CSE at Rajalakshmi Engineering College (REC) but when it comes to anything related to technology"In Anish We Trust".   As far as I could remember, he has been obsessed with technology. Even when he was a toddler, he loved electronics, from breaking my computer open to see what’s inside, to meddling with all the gadgets he finds at home, cracking them open just to have a peek at the shiny strands of silver and gold on the green mother board. From breaking he went on to making, from cracking he went on to...

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The Epic Story - by Feroz

  By Mohammed Feroz    Hi, I am Feroz (Momo), I  have been looking to involve myself into tee shirt business for over 7 years. It was very tough, putting everything together such as design, quality, the right supplier, right team etc… there was no team 7 years ago. It was myself trying to find the right supplier with help of Ravi, a friend of mine. Mainly I wanted to do this because I wanted to wear something that I am very comfortable with, not too flaunting but just perfect and makes me feel good, not necessarily look good but FEEL good! Finally after 2 years got a manufacturer and he became a very good acquaintance. Then there was a big gap...

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The Epic Story - by Arun

By Arun Srinivasan   Hey guys this is  Arun, the guy who designed the tees you are seeing at and if you love the tees here, thanks , .. if you hate them, sorry this is not for Yo (~_^) ............... lol just kidding (^_^) , I will try to make them better next time. This is our story at least according to me, I am a solids tee guy, I mostly wear plain tees, because most tees don’t connect with me. Very rarely some do, at one point I felt it would be so great if only I can design my own tees . “Hey that’s a great Idea” So it seemed back then, I started working with my friends,...

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